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Turn My Page (12 Inch)

1989 / 12 Inch

01. Turn My Page – Extended Remix (6:40) *
02. Say You Will (3:57) **
03. Turn My Page *

Original version from the album:
Deep As Blue

* Written by: Hans van Hagen & Richenel
* Produced by: David Austin
* Remixed by Peter Slaghuis
** Written by: Marco Roosink & Nico Verrip
** Produced by: Marco Roosink, Nico Verrips, Berth Tamaëla & Silphia Musmin
Edited at Wisseloord Studios Hilversum
Mastered at Tape One Studios London  by John Smit
Engineerd by Marcel Gelderblom
Photography by Patricia Steur

Listen to the ‘Extended Remix’ by Peter Slaghuis on YouTube: