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L’Esclave Endormi (12 Inch)

1985 / 12 Inch

01. L’Esclave Endormi – Mix 1 (6.38) *
02. L’Esclave Endormi – Mix 2 (6.32) **

Original version from the album:
Statue Of Desire

Written by: Armande Altaï/Jean-Marie Hareb
Remixed by: * Ivo Watts-Russell & John Fryer, ** Dirk Blachart

Recorded, produced & mixed by
Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Arnold Mühren, Ivo, John Fryer, Dirk Blanchard, Greg Manu, Jacques Zwart & Marc Hartman

Richenel’s “L’esclave Endormi” was originally issued on the Belgian label Megadisc. Ivo heard the song, was struck by the Dutch singer’s voice and licensed the track to 4AD.
The original recording served as the B-side while an Ivo/John Fryer remix, designed to give Richenel’s vocal as much space as possible, was used as the A-side.

Listen to the ‘Mix 1’ version on YouTube:

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