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Iedereen Is Anders volgens Het Goede Doel

1988 / Other Projects

Iedereen is Anders (3.43) performed by Richenel


The Album “Iedereen Is Anders volgens Het Goede Doel” was an album by the Dutch band ‘Het Goede Doel’.
The music and lyrics on this album were written and produced by the members of Het Goede Doel (Henk Temming, Henk Westbroek and Sander van Herk), but sung by many well-known (and lesser-known) artists. The musical performance was again by Het Goede Doel.

The album was recorded in the Stu Stu Studio of Henk Temming and Sander van Herk in Utrecht and mixed in Wisseloord in Hilversum.

Two guilders from the proceeds from each album went to the Colombine Foundation, founded by Herman van Veen, which strives to provide holiday facilities for children with physical and/or mental problems.

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